Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers 20th August 2020 Win Gifts

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers 20th August 2020 Win Gifts – If You Are willing to get all the Right Answers of Quiz Here below I have mentioned all 5 Correct answers of the Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers.

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Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Details:

Prize – Gems, Gifts & Vouchers (Unlimited Prizes)
Date –  (Daily 12 AM to 11.59 PM)
Winners Will Declare On – After 15 Days
Total Winner: Unlimited

How To Play Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz:

1. Download Flipkart Mobile App.( Android/iOS)
2. Log in with your credentials, if new then register.
3. See the Game section in the down right-hand side of the app.

4. Find Daily Trivia Quiz

5. You have to give answers to a Total of 5 Questions.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers

20 August 2020 Answers:

1: Disha Patani Had A Cameo In Which Salman Khan Film Directed By Ali Abbas Zafar?

Answer 1: Bharat

2: The Film Madras Café Is Based On The Assassination Of Which PM Of India?

Answer 2: Rajiv Gandhi

3: A Film Made By Who Among These Was Never Submitted As India’s Entry To The Oscar Awards?

Answer 3: Aparna Sen

4: Naseeruddin Shah Has NOT Won A National Award For Which Of These Films?

Answer 4: A Wednesday

5: The 2019 Film ‘Joker’ Has Been Directed By The Director Of Which Film Series?

Answer 5: The Hangover

19 August 2020 Answers:

1: Which Cricketer Is Married To The Lead Actress Of The Film ‘ Dil Diya Hai ‘ ?

Answer 1: Harbhajan Singh

2: Often Depicted With A Blacksmith’s Hammer , Who Is The Roman God Of Fire ?

Answer 2: Vulcan

3: The Magical Double Bass Is The First Novel In Which Series Of Novels Set In Russia ?

Answer 3: Tanya Grotter

4: How Is The Jewish Actress ‘ Ruby Myers ‘ Better Known To Us From Indian Cinema ?

Answer 4: Sulochana

5: The Scientist Who Developed The Modern Classification System Of Blood Groups Was

Answer 5: Austrian

18 August 2020 Answers:

1: Is The First Indian To Win A Badminton World Championship Gold Medal .

Answer 1: PV Sindhu

2: Which Of These Is A Lifestyle Brand Launched By MS Dhoni ?

Answer 2: Seven

3: Who Among These Took A Hattrick In This Year’s ICC World Cup ?

Answer 3: Mohammed Shami

4:Which Sport Is Excluded From The Commonwealth Games ( CWG ) 2022 ?

Answer 4: Shooting

5: Nepal’s Gaurika Singh , The Youngest Olympian In 2016 , Is Associated With Which Sport ?

Answer 5: Swimming

17 August 2020 Answers:

1: ‘ S 2nd Film The Upcoming Film Marjaavaan Will Be In Bollywood .

Answer 1: Tara Sutaria

2: The 2019 Hollywood Film Joker Is Based In Which Of These Fictional Cities ?

Answer 2: Gotham

3: The Amazon Prime Series Mirzapur And Inside Edge Have Both Been Produced By

Answer 3: Excel Entertainment

4: For Which Of These Songs Did American Rapper Eminem Win An Academy Award ?

Answer 4: Lose Yourself

5: Which Of These Disney Cartoon Characters Is Not Based On A Book ?

Answer 5: Goofy

16 August 2020 Answers:

1: How Do We Know Malaysia’s Bandung And South Africa’s Bombay Crush In India ?

Answer 1: Falooda

2: Which College Served As The Shooting Location For The Film Chhichhore ?

Answer 2: IIT Bombay

3: Who Among These Is A Right Arm Off Spin Bowler ?

Answer 3: Ravichandran Ashwin

4: To Hunt Which Animal Was The Dog Species Dachshund Originally Bred ?

Answer 4: Badger

5: Rabindranath Tagore Dedicated His Only Book On Science , Visva Parichay To Whom ?

Answer 5: Satyendranath Bose

15th August Answer

Q1: Who Was Recently Appointed As The Batting Coach Of Indian Men’s Cricket Team?

Answer 1: Vikram Rathour

Q2: In Men’s Tennis, Who Has Won The Most Grand Slam Titles In History?

Answer 2: Roger Federer

Q3: Who Scored The Highest Individual Score Of 166 Runs In The 2019 ICC World Cup?

Answer 3: David Warner

Q4: Deborah Herold, The Indian Cyclist, Hails From Which Union Territory?

Answer 4: Andaman And Nicobar

Q5: Which Footballer Gave His Own Name To His Son?

Answer 5: Cristiano Ronaldo

14th August Answer

Q1: Haseena Parkar Is A Film Based On The Life Of The Sister Of___.

Answer 1: Dawood Ibrahim

Q2: Which Breed Is The Popular Cartoon Dog Scooby- Doo?

Answer 2: Great Dane

Q3: Which Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Was Initially Titled ‘Katrina Meri Jaan’?

Answer 3: Zero

Q4: Which Of These American Sitcoms Is Not Animated?

Answer 4: Modern Family

Q5: Who Is The Only Person To Have Ever Won A Booker Prize And An Oscar?

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Answer 5: Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

13th August Answer

1: The President Of Russia, Vladimir Putin Was Previously An Intelligence Officer Of

Answer 1: KGB

2: Which Of These Painters Is A Brother Of An Ex-Prime Minister Of India?

Answer 2: Satish Gujral

3: Which Lake In Spiti In Himachal Pradesh Got Its Name From Its Crescent Shape?

Answer 3: Chandra Taal

4: Which Fruit Can Be Seen In The Painting ‘The Son Of Man’ By Belgian Painter René Magritte?

Answer 4: Apple

5: According To Brahma Purana, On Which Day Did Lord Brahma Recreate The World?

Answer 5: Gudi Padwa

12th August Answer

1: How Many Bases Would You Find In A Baseball Diamond?

Answer 1: Four

2: In Which League Would You Find Teams Named Delhi Dashers And Chennai Smashers?

Answer 2: PBL

3: Who Is The First Indian Cricketer To Bowl Three Maiden Overs In A T201?

Answer 3: Deepti Sharma

4: Who Among These Cricketers Is Married To An Arjuna Awardee Squash Player?

Answer 4: Dinesh Karthik

5: An Ice Hockey Game Is Divided Into Three Periods Of How Many Minutes Each?

Answer 5: Twenty

11th August Answer

1: What Two Roles Does Varun Dhawan Play In The 2017 Film Judwaa 2?

Answer 1: Raja And Prem

2: The Director Of The Bahubali Series Has NOT Directed Which Of These Films?

Answer 2: Arjun Reddy

3: For Which Radio Channel Does ‘Sulu’ Host A Show In The Film Tumhari Sulu?

Answer 3: Radio Wow

4: Which Of These Was Based On Chetan Bhagat’s First Novel?

Answer 4: 3 Idiots

5: Which 1963 Film Was The First Under The Merchant Ivory Productions Banner?

Answer 5: The Householder

9th August Answer

1: Which Of These Is A Square Area Within The Infield Of A Baseball Field?

Answer 1: Diamond

2: The Davis Cup Is A Trophy Associated With Which Sport?

Answer 2: Tennis

3: Who Is The First Cricketer To Be Selected For Australia With No First – Class Experience?

Answer 3: David Warner

4: The Clothing Brand Lacoste Was Founded By A Professional Player Of Which Sport?

Answer 4: Tennis

5: The Contemporary Sport Of Ice Hockey Was Developed In Which Country?

Answer 5: Canada

8th August Answer


1: Who Plays The Role Of Katrina, Based On Sangeeta Bijlani, In The Film Azhar?

Answer 1: Nargis Fakhri

2: The 2000 Film Refugee Takes Place In Which Geographical Feature Of India?

Answer 2: Rann Of Kutch

3: About Which Musician Has Kalpana Lajmi Written The Book ‘ As I Knew Him ‘?

Answer 3: Bhupen Hazarika

4: In DC Films Was A Part Of Mision: The Actor Who Plays Impossible – Fallout.

Answer 4: Superman

5: Who Was The First Musician To Be Awarded The Bharat Ratna?

Answer 5: M.S. Subbulakshmi

7th August Answer

1: Directed By Tinnu Anand, Which Of These Is A 1981 Film Starring Amitabh Bachchan?

Answer 1: Kaalia

2: Which Nickname Is Common To Garry Kasparov, Nathan Lyon and Paul Gascoigne?

Answer 2: Gazza

3: Thomas Odoyo, Maurice Odumbe and Aasif Karim Are All Former Cricket Captains Of

Answer 3: Kenya

4: Which Of These Is Owned By The Business Group That Owns Britannia Industries?

Answer 4: Bombay Dyeing

5: Which Former Model And Actress’s Memoir Is Entitled ” Unusual?

Answer 5: Anu Aggarwal

6th August Answer

1. Who Among These Footballers Is A FIFA World Cup Winner?

Answer 1: Paul Pogba

2. Who Is The Only Sportsperson From Free India To Win Two Individual Olympic Medals?

Answer 2: Sushil Kumar

3. The 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup Was Hosted By Which Asian Country?

Answer 3: China

4. First Held In 1973, The Ocean Race Involves The Racing Of

Answer 4: Yachts

5. In Baseball, Two Teams Of How Many Players Compete Against Each Other?

Answer 5: Ten

5th August Answer

1. Rohit Shetty Made His Directorial Debut With Which 2003 Film Starring Ajay Devgn?

Answer 1: Zameen

2. Which Actor Is Common To The Films Rang De Basanti, Guru And 3 Idiots?

Answer 2: R. Madhavan

3. The Lead Actress Of Which Film Is A Part Of Bigg Boss Season 13?

Answer 3: Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai

4. SRK Received The Highest Civilian Honor Of Which Of These Countries In 2014?

Answer 4: France

5. Which Actor Featured In The Doordarshan Serial ‘Gul Gulshan Gulfaam’ As A Child Actor?

Answer 5: Kunal Khemu

4th August 2020 Answers:

1. Which Publication Has Published All Of Chetan Bhagat’s Books?

Answer 1: Rupa

2. Which Mythical King Exchanged His Youth For Old Age Of His Father Yayati?

Answer 2: Puru

3. Which Karnal Based Company Was Founded By The Name Of Pal Boot House In 1954?

Answer 3: Liberty

4. Who Among These Was Not A Wife Of The Mauryan Emperor Ashoka?

Answer 4: Subhadrangi

5. Alistair Cook Became 1st England Cricketer To Be Knighted Since Whom In 2007?

Answer 5: Ian Botham

3rd August 2020 Answers:

1. The Balls Used In Which Of These Sports Have Yellow, Red Or Blue Dots?

Answer 1: Suash

2. Who Is The Fastest Left – Arm Bowler To Reach 200 Wickets In Test Matches?

Answer 2: Ravindra Jadeja

3. Which City Hosted The 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships?

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Answer 3: Doha

4. Which Of These Teams Did NOT Play In The First Ever NBA Match Hosted By India?

Answer 4: Utah Jazz

5. Where Did The Indian Men’s Hockey Team Won Its Last Olympic Gold Medal?

Answer 5: Moscow

2 August 2020 Answers:

1. Which Legendary Actor Was A Part Of The 2019 Film Joker As Murray Franklin?

Answer 1: Robert De Niro

2. Which Fusion Rock Band Did Rahul Ram And Susmit Sen Start In 1990?

Answer 2: Indian Ocean

3. Which Of These Characters Dies In The Climax Of The Film Sholay?

Answer 3: Jai

4.In 1958, Mother India Lost The Best Foreign Language Film Oscar To A Film From

Answer 4: Italy

5. Which Actress Is Directing The Upcoming Charlie’s Angels 2019 Reboot?

Answer 5: Elizabeth Banks

1 August 2020 Answers:

1. Who Has Sung The Hit Songs ‘ Suit Suit ‘ And ‘ Patola?

Answer 1: Guru Randhawa

2. On Whose Gravestone Would You Find 772.5 Inscribed, His Calculation Of Heat?

Answer 2: James Joule

3. Who Among These Was A Member Of The Winning Davis Cup Teams In 2004, 2008, 2009, And 2011?

Answer 3: Rafael Nadal

4. Which Country’s ” Other National Drink ” Is Irn – Bru, A Carbonated Soft Drink?

Answer 4: Scotland

5. What Day Do We Generally Observe On The Second Sunday Of May?

Answer 5: Mother’s Day

31 July 2020 Answers:

1. The Indian Premier League Has Not Witnessed A Team Based In Which Of These Cities?

Answer 1: Cuttack

2. Dabang In Hockey, Indians In Cricket And Maharathi In Wrestling Are The Sports Teams From

Answer 2: Mumbai

3. Which Of These Is Not One Of The Two Umpires In A Game Of Tennis?

Answer 3: Ball Umpire

4. Who Became The First Indian Male Boxer To Win Silver At World Championships?

Answer 4: Amit Panghal

5. Which Of These Is Not A Type Of Gymnastics Event Held At The Olympics?

Answer 5: Aesthetic

30 July 2020 Answers:

1. Who Played The Role Of Malik Kafur In The Film Padmaavat?

Answer 1: Jim Sarbh

2. Starring Amitabh Bachchan, Who Directed The Film Aks?

Answer 2: Rakeysh Mehra

3. Which Of These Film Franchises Was Rebooted In 2019 Starring David Harbour?

Answer 3: Hellboy

4. R Madhavan Played The Role Of Manu Series. In The Tanu Weds

Answer 4: Manoj Sharma

5. Which 2018 Film Begins With A Dedication To Amrita Pritam, The Hindi Poet?

Answer 5: Manmarziyaan

29 July 2020 Answers:

1. At 3,840 Metres, Mount Saramati Is The Highest Peak Of Which Indian State?

Answer 1: Nagaland

2. Which Mughal Emperor Built The ‘Shalimar Bagh’ In Srinagar In 1619?

Answer 2: Jahangir

3. Invented In 1924 In Mexico, Caesar Salad Is Named After

Answer 3: A Chef

4. Who Among These Demons Was Killed By Lord Rama In Ramayana?

Answer 4: Dushan

5. Reigning Till 1912, Who Among These Was The Last Emperor Of The ing Dynasty Of China?

Answer 5: Pu Yi

28 July 2020 Answers:

1. Who Is The 1st Indian To Score A Century In All Three Formats As An Opener?

Answer 1: Rohit Sharma

2. In Baseball, The Final Base A Base Runner Must Touch To Score A Run Is Called What?

Answer 2: Home Plate

3. Which Indian Batsman Holds The Record Of Hitting The Most Sixes In A Test?

Answer 3: Rohit Sharma

4. Indian Hockey Team Won Its First Olympic Gold Medal In 1931 At Which Of These Places?

Answer 4: Amsterdam

5. Who Is The Woman For India To Score A Century In A Women’s Twenty20 International?

Answer 5: Harmanpreet Kaur

27 July 2020 Answers:

1. Which Of These Is Not One Of The Studio Albums Of Ed Sheeran?

Answer 1: Minus

2. Who Among These Married An Austrian, Emilie Schenkl?

Answer 2: Subhas Chandra Bose

3. The Tomato Frog, Comet Moth, Fossa, And Lemur Are Some Animals Endemic To

Answer 3: Madagascar

4. 1st Woman Lawyer To Directly Become A SC Judge. Indu Malhotra Studied At

Answer 4: Lady Shri Ram

5. Other Than Bolivia, Which Is The Only Other Landlocked Country In South America?

Answer 5: Paraguay

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