Flipkart Taapsee Pannu Quiz Super Fan Answers Win Gifts Vouchers

Flipkart Taapsee Pannu Quiz Super Fan Answers Win Gifts Vouchers – If You Are willing to get all the Right Answers of Flipkart Taapsee Pannu Quiz Here below I have mentioned all 5 Correct answers of the Flipkart Taapsee Pannu Quiz Answers.

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Flipkart Taapsee Pannu Quiz Super Fan Answers

How To Play Flipkart Taapsee Pannu Quiz Quiz:

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Flipkart Taapsee Pannu Quiz Answers Today 31 July 2020

  1. The First Poster I Ever Put In My Room Was Of Which Actor?

Answer : John Abraham

  1. Who Am I More Scared Of?

Answer : My Dad

  1. What Is That One Habit I Just Can’t Get Rid Of ?

Answer : Nail Biting

  1. If I Were To Get A Third Tattoo What Would That Tattoo Be ?
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Answer : My Birth Date

  1. Which Delhi Street Food Do I Miss The Most ?

Answer : Chole Bhature

  1. I Am A

Answer : Morning Person

  1. In College I Developed An App Called FontSwap ?

Answer : True

  1. Once While Playing Badminton I Hit My Younger Sister So Hard On The Head That She Had To Go To The Hospital ?

Answer : False

  1. The First Film I Saw In A Movie Theatre Was

Answer : Chotta Chetan

  1. I Can Speak Languages

Answer : 5

Taapsee Pannu uiz Answers:

  1. What Is My Favourite Holiday Destination In India?

Answer : Himachal Pradesh

  1. What Is My Favourite Cheat Meal?

Answer : Mithai

  1. Which Classical Dance Form Am I More Trained In?

Answer : Odissi

  1. What Is The Name Of My Pet Turtle?

Answer : Mr. T

  1. What Is My Favourite Type Of Atta?

Answer : Makki

  1. I Have A Fake Twitter Account

Answer : True

  1. I Lost Weight During The Kedarnath Shoot

Answer : FALSE

  1. My Favourite Form Of Exercise Is Weight Training

Answer : False

  1. My Favourite Karan Johar Film Is__

Answer : Kabi Kushi Kabhi Gham

  1. Out Of All Mom’s Films My Favourite Performance Of Hers Is__

Answer : Chameli Ki Shaadi

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